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Code Enforcement Officer: Alan Broyer


Building and Conditional Use Permit Info.

Applicants may mail/email their applications to the Code Enforcement Office at or the Planning Board at

Or drop off or USPS mail to;

Town of Lovell

1069 Main St.

Lovell Maine 04051

The Town staff will process these applications as usual. However, turn around time may be extended. 

Permit Applications:

Permit applications may be downloaded or completed online using Adobe Acrobat. When you complete your application online choose “save as” and save to your computer. You also can print or save your completed form by choosing the “Print/Save” button. All applications fields clear when you close the program.

If you need Acrobat click the below icon.

You may need a building permit if your project alters your structure. Read definition below for clarity.

Definition- Alteration, (Article 2.2) any change, addition, or modification in construction, other than cosmetic or decorative, or any change in the structural members of buildings such as bearing walls, columns, beams, or girders.

911 Address

All Permit Applications will require your 911 Address, if you do not have one indicate that on your application and one will be assigned to you. Click here to apply.

9.4 Certificate of Occupancy Required.
A. A certificate of occupancy issued by the Code Enforcement Officer is required in advance of the use or occupancy of:
1. Any lot, or change of the use thereof.
2. A structure hereafter erected or a change in the use of an existing structure.
B. No certificate of occupancy shall be issued unless the use, lot or building or structure complies with all the provisions of this ordinance. A record of all certificates of occupancy shall be kept on file in the office of the Code Enforcement Officer, and a copy shall be furnished, on request, to any person having a proprietary or tenancy interest in the structure or land involved. A duplicate copy shall be Lovell Zoning Ordinance Adopted March 2, 1996 with Amendments through March 4, 2017 74 Article IX – Administration, Enforcement & Penalties filed in the office of the tax assessor and the certificate of occupancy shall state specifically the uses which it permits.

Shoreland Property Owners Info and Support

Maine Department of Environment Protection:

Handbook for Shoreland Owners

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Mandatory Shoreland Zoning- Chapter 1000

Guidelines for Revegetation Planning & Violations

Maine DEP Shoreland Newsletter 2020 (article regarding boathouses)

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