Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Officer: Ronald McAllister

Administrative Assistant to the Code Officer: Alan Broyer


Lovell Town Ordinances including Zoning Ordinances

Permit Applications:

Permit applications may be downloaded or completed online using Adobe Acrobat. When you complete your application online choose “save as” and save to your computer. You also can print your completed form by choosing “print”. All applications fields clear when you close the program.

You may need a building permit if your project alters your structure. Read definition below for clarity.

Definition- Alteration, (Article 2.2) any change, addition, or modification in construction, other than cosmetic or decorative, or any change in the structural members of buildings such as bearing walls, columns, beams, or girders.

911 Address: All Permit Applications will require your 911 Address, if you do not have one indicate that on your application and one will be assigned to you.

If you need Acrobat click the below icon.
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